Lark – 24/7 Health Coach

Lark - 24/7 Health Coach
Lark – 24/7 Health Coach Sound blockbuster for running, TRACKS!Turn your running and cycling into a story. Be a Hero and Save the people.Put in Headset or Earbuds and Listen to TRACKS on your running.Hear buildings collapse around you,dodge bullets on a battlefieldor try to escape the monster chasing you.Lifelike story and mission will keep you on the run.Turn your run into an action movie with the 15 episodes from TRACKS.Tracks get featured on TheNextWeb!Benefit : With sounds and story like straight out of a Movie You’ll be excited from start to finish as you run.Time flies when you’re having fun.You’ll find yourself having run for 30 minutes in a blank.You’ll feel like a movie star, although you’re only running.Your treadmill or running route will become a thrilling battlefield.Not much of a runner? You’ll want to go on another run just to hear the next story.Features & Function : Story & Mission Mode :- 15 Episodes of Growler- Blockbuster sound with extreme realism- Auditory Mission Coach- Training missions to enhance your running skills- Variety of running techniques that combine running and walking- Optimized Rock beat and rhythm for running, walkout, cycling.- Support Google FitnessFeed :- Manage your record distance and time through the Daily Feed- Pedometer & GPS Tracking shows your activity in steps and miles.- 6-level rank systemSetting : – Supports for miles and km- Language options (currently available in English and Korean)- Share the app to find a fitness mateFor : -Those who want to lose weight, burn calories.-Those who wish to start the habit of running on a regular basis.-Those who want to reduce BMI and have get in better shape-Those who want to beat running boredom.-Those who love and enjoy jogging or running.-Those who want to train for a marathon, 5k race-Those who strive to run efficiently-Those who want to improve health and stamina-Those who want to be a voice actor, voiceover artist, or people -Even those who want to enjoy a sound from your speakers.Connect With us : -Homepage: -Facebook: -Twitter:[Permissions Required]1. Read/ Write External Storage Permissions: This permissions is granted to download the mp3 file for your running or play the mp3 file you already downloaded.2. Access Fine Location Permissions: This permissions is granted to measure km (or miles) when you run, tracking, livestrong, map, workout, runner, cycling, pedometer, activity, move, lose, weight lark – 24/7 health coach apk,lark – 24/7 health coach download apk,lark – 24/7 health coach download,lark – 24/7 health coach .apk,lark – 24/7 health coach android

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